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Usually small, ornamental gourds may be no larger than an egg, or, commonly, are three to five inches long or round, and are rarely a foot in length. Available in various colors and shapes, these interesting gourds may have the shape of a bell, finger, orange, apple, ladle, spoon or an egg. The most unusual ornamental gourd is the "finger gourd" also called, "crown of the thorns", "gourd of the Ten Commandments" and "holy gourd". The upper surface of this gourd bears five pairs of protuberances, or prongs, and may be white or cream-colored at maturity. Other colors include green-and-white striped, orange, and bicolor, which is green and green-striped with bands or areas of yellow. Star gourds are consistent in having ten prominent ridges around their edge and resemble their namesake. A delightful collection of shapes, sizes, and colors, their surface may be warted, horned or smooth. Ornamental gourds are not edible as they have very little flesh and are grown mainly for show. The flesh they do contain is rather tasteless and may even be bitter. 


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