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AVOCADO GREEN 40 CT (CALAVO) AVOCADO GREEN 40 CT (DEL MONTE) AVOCADO GREEN 48 CT(DEL MONTE) AVOCADO DOBLE LAYER FLORIDA AVOCADO GREEN 40 CT AVOCADO GREEN 48CT Avocado Hass 48 Count Avocado Hass on The Turn 48 Count Avocado Hass Ripe 48 Count AVOCADO ON TURN 48CT AVOCADO RIPE 40CT AVOCADO RIPE 40CT (CALAVO) AVOCADO RIPE 48CT AVOCADO RIPE 48CT (CALAVO) AVOCADO RIPE 60CT AVOCADOS GREEN 36CT Banana 40 Lbs BANANA BABY 20 LB. BANANA BONITA RIPE 40LB BANANA BONITA O/T 40LB BANANA LEAFS 20/16 oz CS Banana On The turn 40 Lbs Banana Ripe 40 Lbs Bananas Petite 150 Ct Batata BLACK FIGS 12/8 oz BLACK FIGS CASE BLOOD ORANGES 44CT Cherimoya 10-16 ct Sugar Apple Coconuts Young 9 ct. Dates Medjool Jumbo 11 Lbs DRY FIGS LB. GREEN BANANA 40 LB. GREEN COOKING BANANA 40 LB. GREEN PLANTAIN 40LB CASE Guava 10 Lbs Jicama 10 Lbs JICAMA 10LB CASE JICAMA 20LB CASE JICAMA 40LB CASE JICAMA 40LB CASE Kiwi 1 Layer 36 Ct KIWI FLAT CS KIWI BIG BOX 20LB Kiwi Loose 117 Ct. MANDARIES**GOLD NUGGET** Mango 9 Ct Mango Ripe 9ct Mangosteen 1 Kilo MEJOL DATE 10 LB. MINEOLA TANGERINE Papaya 8/9 Ct PAPAYA BIG BOX 9CT PAPAYA HAWAIIAN Papaya Large 23 Lbs Passion Fruit 30-35 Ct PASSION FRUIT TRAY Pineapple 6-7 Ct Pineapple Golden 6/7 Ct. Plantain Green 40 Lbs Plantain Ripe 40 Lbs POMAGRANATE 9 CT POMAGRANATE BOX POMAGRANATE SEEDS Pomegranates Xtra Fcy 2 Layer Quince 2 Layer Raisins On The Vine 10 Lbs Starfruit 25 Ct. START FRUIT SUGAR CANE (STICK) SUGAR CANE (IN CANE) 12/32oz TANGERINE 100CT TANGERINE 80CT Taro Root Tomatillo 10 Lbs Tomatillo Master 30 Lbs YELLOW PLANTAIN 40LB CASE

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